NWCN Ebulletin 01 September 2021

1 ‌Assets Recovery Community Scheme
2 Together for Our Planet
3 Asda Foundation: Bringing Communities Back Together Grant Phase 2
4 Join the Dots Participatory Budgeting - Support Workshops
5 The First Step Training Programme
Facing Up to the Future Programme  
7 Inclusion & Diversity = Equity & Equality NEW Courses
8 AWARE- Living Life to Full Programme starting in September
9 SOLA Project
10 Free virtual webinars from the Consumer Council 
11 Serotonin Solutions for Self-Confidence
12 World Alzheimer's Day Tuesday 21st September 2021
13 TJI Scholarship at Ulster University
14 Quotation call - Conference on impact of Covid Pandemic on Patriarchy and Peace
15 Quotation Call - 1 day conference - Impact of Covid on Community Development & Cross-border networking
16 Job Opportunity with DEEDS @ Old Library Trust
17 Job Opportunity with The Churches Trust
18 New Job Opportunities suitable for young people - Hinduja Global Services
19 DfE Energy Strategy - Energy e-bulletin Issue 14
20 Void Gallery - Cevdet Erek - Beating a Retreat

1 Assets Recovery Community Scheme

The purpose of the ARCS fund is to support initiatives that will prevent crime or reduce the fear of crime and so contribute to safer communities where we respect the law, and each other. ARCS funding is not intended to serve as gap funding or to support salary costs in the long term however it could be used to provide start-up funding to projects that will be ongoing, or one-off funding to time-limited projects.  It is not intended to fund capital projects or schemes already funded or delivered through other service providers.   

Organisations applying for funding must clearly demonstrate how their project will directly benefit victims, communities and/or the environment.

Assets Recovery Community Scheme (ARCS) 2021/22
Applications are invited from voluntary and community organisations, registered charities and statutory organisations seeking to deliver projects in community settings.  In the context of the Covid-19 recovery period, this interim funding will cover the remainder of 2021/22, from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Applications for the 2021/22 scheme are open to 13 September 2021 at 5pm.

The ARCS fund is managed by the Department of Justice Protection and Organised Crime Division.  Funding decisions are made by an ARCS panel.

Assets Recovery Community Scheme | Department of Justice (justice-ni.gov.uk)


2 Together for Our Planet

The NLCF are offering from £1,000 to £10,000 of National Lottery funding to support communities across the UK to take action on climate change.

Projects should reflect what matters to your community and can be small in scale. They could cover an area like:

  • food
  • transport
  • energy
  • waste and consumption
  • the natural environment.

You do not need to be an expert in any of these areas to apply. We’re particularly interested to hear from people starting to think about taking action on climate change in their communities.

In November 2021, the UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. The UK Government’s Together for Our Planet initiative has been created to engage people with COP26 and inspire positive climate action. National Lottery funding will support this by helping communities to take action on climate change.

Building on interest and excitement for this international conference, we hope to nurture and develop local ideas through this funding, supporting a legacy of ongoing climate action projects in hundreds of communities across the UK.

Together for Our Planet information sessions
To help answer any questions groups may have about the Together for Our Planet funding programme, including the criteria and what we are hoping to fund, we will be holding two information webinars. To attend a webinar, please sign up ahead of the event.

Tuesday 7 September, 11am
Tuesday 21 September, 11am

Application Deadline: 5pm on 18 November 2021

We expect most of the funding to support activities taking place after the COP26 event in November 2021. If you’re applying for funding for activities during the time of COP26, contact us via 
togetherforourplanet@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk to discuss your application

Together for Our Planet | The National Lottery Community Fund (tnlcommunityfund.org.uk)

 Asda Foundation: Bringing Communities Back Together Grant Phase 2

In phase 2, we will continue to reunite communities, celebrate togetherness, and support groups as they resume their activities again. Asda Foundation is looking to support grass roots community groups in need which support, help, and encourage inclusiveness for all. Asda Foundation is looking to fund the core needs to improve lives and ensure all communities thrives.

In addition, there is new element ‘Essential Support’ which is aimed at helping groups who are supporting the immediate needs of people in their local area from October to December, including Christmas. With this new element included, this is one of our broadest grants, empowering communities to apply for what is important to their community, enabling us to help and support more groups in the most relevant way possible.

The Asda Foundation will accept applications from ASDA Community Champions from 1st September. All applications must be submitted through an ASDA Community Champion.  Each superstore has a Community Champion, their role is to support projects within the community and support bringing people together. They manage all applications for Asda Foundation grants. The Asda Foundation does not accept applications sent directly from community groups. Please use the 
Asda Store Locator on the Asda Foundation website to get in touch with your local superstore and speak to your Community Champion about how we might be able to support you.

We welcome applications from not-for-profit groups which:
• Have a presence in the local community and / or work to benefit that geographical area
• Are local to an Asda store
• Have the aim of bringing people back together as social distancing guidelines have eased
• Ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to become involved
• Aim to provide the ‘core needs’ for their community
• Are UK based

Groups applying must meet all the following criteria:
• End beneficiaries must be community groups of people
• Group must be not for profit
• Group must have a presence in the local community and its work must benefit that local community

How to Apply | Asda Foundation


4 Join the Dots Participatory Budgeting - Support Workshops

Collaboration for Change (CfC) and partners are delighted to announce the launch of Join the Dots Participatory Budgeting (PB) around the theme of creating connections.

CfC is a collective of organisations and individual activists who are working alongside each other for the Common Good. We work to create open spaces for shared learning, peer support, practical hope and collaboration.

Marian Farrell, CfC said “We are excited to have our first and totally digital PB process on the theme of Creating Connections. This theme is all about bringing new folk together to work on an idea for the common good. People could also submit an idea that will, in itself Create new Connections that bring folk together for the common good. Groups can bid for funds of up to £500 (or its euro equivalent) to make an idea happen”.

Roisin McLaughlin, from NWCN one of the 9 partnering organisations said “This has been an excellent opportunity to learn about PB. PB is all about people voting to decide how to allocate part of a budget. It is a way for citizens to have a direct say in how funds are used to address local needs. We are very proud that the funds available have been sourced through crowdfunding by our own CfC activists and supporters. It has been all about collaboration within the community sector right from the start and it has been a pleasure to work with all of the other partners involved.”

The Join the Dots PB process launched on 23rd August, 2021. To find out more, come along to one of our support workshops, on the 9th and 14th of September.

Topic: Join the Dots PB Support Workshop 1
Time: Sep 9, 2021 19:00 London

Meeting ID: 839 8694 4449
Passcode: 888830

Topic: Join the Dots PB Support Workshop 2
Time: Sep 14, 2021 11:00 London
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 4560 0840
Passcode: 809022

More information can be found at 


5 The First Step Training Programme

We need more women in Leadership roles. We need more women engaged in the civic and public life. We need your voice being heard!

The First Step is a tailored training programme to empower women to recognise the positive difference they can make to civic and public life. The programme will give the opportunity to 100 women living in Northern Ireland to increase their sense of self-worth, develop their leadership skills, learn how to work together to effect real and long-lasting change and to rise above and beyond their barriers and their backgrounds.

The First Step programme is the Groundwork NI approach to support women to increase their networks and gain a better understanding of the local landscape and how their skills can help them empower themselves and their communities. We will do that by delivering a leadership programme, tailored to you, that will use immersive learning and experiential mentoring. 

Are you a woman over the age of 17, living in Northern Ireland?

Join us this Autumn and get the opportunity to learn form experienced leaders and mentors.

Application Deadline: Tuesday 10th September 2021, 11:59 PM  

Important Notice: Please, before you start competing the application for the First Step Programme carefully read the Application Pack and make sure you are available to attend all the training and mentoring sessions. The dates and times of all sessions can be found in the Application Pack.

For any queries about the First Step programme, please contact the Project Manager, Ani Kanakaki by email at anikanakaki@groundworkni.co.uk

6 Facing Up to the Future Programme  
The Facing up to the Future Programme is led by the Peace Foundation and supported by the Northern Ireland Victims and Survivors Service with funding from the Special EU Programme Body PEACE IV programme. This programme is not affiliated with the Northern Ireland Office.

About the course
This is a flexible 30-hour programme delivered online over 10 weeks which aims to train individuals to resolve conflicts and build peace – at home and in the community. The course is designed to build community resilience and help people develop practical skills in running community dialogue events to tackle local issues.

Who is it for?
  • Victims, survivors and those affected by the ‘Troubles’ who are interested in developing their skills as community leaders and facilitators of difficult conversations in a supportive environment.
  • Those who are interested in and want to contribute to the future of community relations within the Island of Ireland and beyond.
  • Those who want to explore ways in which dialogue can be used to better understand and develop stronger relationships.
How does it work?
The programme is free, online, and requires a commitment of two to three hours a week for ten weeks. Successful participants will receive an Open Awards accreditation at Level 2 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework and all the tools and techniques will be provided.  There is no homework or exams therefore the commitment is finite. There are numerous courses running throughout 2021 and 2022 and courses can be scheduled to fit around participants. Participants require no previous training or qualifications.

How to take part?
training@peace-foundation.org.uk for more information and to reserve a place.

Facing Up to the Future Flyer / Recruitment Q&A's


 7 Inclusion & Diversity = Equity & Equality NEW Courses
Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd introduce another series of new courses!  Working in partnership with 
JoinHer, we bring you a series of four 2-hour session on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Equality.  Attend all four sessions to gain new knowledge and experience.

  • Is your organisation inclusive and managed in a way that encourages the involvement of and is welcoming to, a wide range of people?
  • Is there a proactive approach to increasing volunteer diversity, addressing under-representation, and including targeted groups as part of your organisation’s overall inclusion, equity and diversity aims?
  • Is your information about volunteering opportunities made a widely available as possible using a range of methods and is there active engagement with a diverse range of people? 

Join us over the four sessions to explore and learn new and creative ways to increase INCLUSION in your volunteer projects or volunteer team.
Session 1: Decide & Involve
What decisions involve everyone in your organisation?
Tuesday 28 September 2021
£20 +VAT

Session 2:  Variety & Education
There is more than one solution for your organisation
Tuesday 26 October 2021
£20 +VAT

Session 3: Research & Strategy
Take time to investigate & plan for your organisation
Tuesday 23 November 2021
£20 +VAT

Session 4: Invest Together Yearly
Practical steps to change your organisation
Tuesday 7 December 2021
£20 +VAT



8 AWARE- Living Life to Full Programme starting in September

AWARE NI have some places left on an upcoming 6 weeks Living Life to the Full programme via zoom.

Day Dates Time
Thursday 16th, 23rd, 30th September
7th, 14th, 21st October
7pm – 9pm

This is a programme that can make a big difference to your life. It can help you manage your feelings when you are stressed, worried or depressed and learn simple practical skills to help you cope with life’s challenges. It looks more closely at how mental health can be impacted by life events and unhelpful thinking styles which may also then affect our physical health and overall enjoyment of life.

To find out more information and to register visit 


9  SOLA Project

Victim Support NI can now provide free legal representation to victims of serious sexual assault, up to the point of trial.  This is a groundbreaking scheme as victims of crime are not usually entitled to their own legal representation.

The SOLA (Sexual Offences Legal Adviser) pilot scheme, funded by the Department of Justice, was set up following the Gillen report, which made recommendations on how the criminal justice system could better serve victims of sexual violence.  As you may be aware, up to 80% of victims do not report sexual crime, and those who do, often drop out of the process due to a multitude of factors: the length of time taken for cases to reach court, the intrusion into their life that an investigation brings, the trauma of having to repeatedly share their experience with different organisations, and a need to put the trauma behind them and simply move on with their lives. All of these are valid choices, but we believe that engagement with the justice system can be improved, and attrition rates reduced with the appropriate support.

The SOLAs are legal advisers, so any discussions with them are subject to the rules of solicitor/client confidentiality.

You can contact them by phone at the Belfast Hub on 028 9024 3133, the Foyle Hub on 0287370086 or via email at sola@victimsupportniorg.uk

We have included a leaflet which outlines the role of the SOLAs and there is more information online at Sexual Violence - SOLAs (Sexual Offences Legal Advisers) - Victim Support NI.

If you have any questions, would like to find out more about how SOLAs can help or would like to organise either a Zoom presentation or, COVID permitting, an in-person presentation for your staff about the SOLA service, please do get in touch with Paul McCann on:
Tel: 028 95920663 | Email: 


10 Free virtual webinars from the Consumer Council 

We are running virtual presentations and workshops for community groups, schools and small businesses. This free service is a great way for you to learn about your consumer rights and how we can help.

There are four themed workshops you can choose from including:
  • your travel rights;
  • budgeting and managing bills;
  • your consumer rights; and
  • scam awareness.

Call 0800 121 6022 or email contact@consumercouncil.org.uk to find out more and to sign up.


11 Serotonin Solutions for Self-Confidence

Are your feelings of low self esteem and self-confidence limiting you from living the life that you truly want to live?

Having the ability to believe in ourselves and step outside our comfort zones is more often than not easier said than done.
In response to this, I have developed a four week workshop series aimed at helping you push the reset button on any limiting negative beliefs and behaviours you may be experiencing.

These will be held each Tuesday from 7pm - 8pm in 4 week blocks, commencing on Tuesday 28th September at Holywell Trust Building, 
10-14 Bishop Street.
£50 for full four week course.

Eventbrite link below:

Serotonin Solutions for Self Confidence Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Get in touch of you require additional information on 079 0734 6072
or email: 


12 World Alzheimer's Day Tuesday 21st September 2021

What: Alzheimer's Society Northern Ireland conference: Future of Dementia - Better together
Where: Online event
When: 21 September 2021, 12.30 - 16.30

Registration is now open for Alzheimer's Society Northern Ireland conference: Future of Dementia - Better together.

Join us on Tuesday 21 September (World Alzheimer's Day) where we will be joined by Department of Health Minister Robin Swann MLA.

The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact around the world. In Northern Ireland, people affected by dementia have been hardest hit and our fragmented social care system has been exposed for all to see.

In Northern Ireland, care home residents accounted for 51% of all COVID-19 related deaths, compared to 50% in Scotland, 39% in England and 34% in Wales. NISRA have confirmed that over a third of all deaths in Northern Ireland relating to the virus were people with dementia.

To read more see the Alzheimer's Society website and to register click here.


13 TJI Scholarship at Ulster University

We are delighted to announce a TJI Scholarship.

Thanks to a charitable donation we are able to offer this Scholarship to one student on either the LLM Gender, Conflict and Human Rights or the LLM Human Rights Law and Transitional Justice at the University, entering the programme in September 2021.

The Scholarship is valued at a total amount of £1,000. One Scholarship will be awarded in each academic year.

The Scholarship funding will be paid directly to the Scholar(s) to be used in support of course tuition fees or expenses associated with their studies.

Closing Date: 6 September 2021 at 17.00

Full details available 

14 Quotation call - Conference on impact of Covid Pandemic on Patriarchy and Peace

Derry City and Strabane District Council PEACE IV Team are issuing a competitive quotations call for provision of a 1 day conference on the theme of ‘The impact of the Covid Pandemic on Patriarchy and Peace.’

Please see detail attached.

Deadline for quotations: 12 noon, Friday 10th September 2021

Quotations should be emailed to: 

15 Quotation Call - 1 day conference - Impact of Covid on Community Development & Cross-border networking

Derry City and Strabane District Council PEACE IV Team are issuing a competitive quotations call for provision of a 1 day conference on the theme of ‘The impact of the Covid Pandemic and the Protocol on Community Development and Cross-Border Networking.’

Please see detail attached.

Deadline for quotations: 12 noon, Friday 10th September 2021

Quotations should be emailed to: 


16 Job Opportunity with DEEDS @ Old Library Trust

The Old Library Trust Healthy Living Centre invites applications for the following post for the National Lottery people and communities funded project
DEEDS (Dementia Engaged and Empowered Derry & Strabane)
Project support worker Salary: £22,020 pro rata 25 hrs per week

The DEEDS Project Support Worker will be responsible to the project co-ordinator and work as part of the ‘DEEDS’ Team focusing on supporting people living with dementia to live better for longer within their community.

Applicants must have:
• A third level qualification in a health or social sciences subject AND one year’s paid experience working with people with Dementia AND experience of facilitation of groups.
• OR four years’ paid experience working with people with Dementia AND experience of facilitation of groups

Application packs can be obtained by telephone on 7137 3870, by emailing 
roisin@olt.ie or calling into the Healthy Living Centre.

Completed applications must be returned to the Chairperson, The Old Library Trust, Healthy Living Centre, Central Drive, Creggan, Derry, BT48 9QG no later than Friday 3rd September @ 12 Noon.

The Old Library Trust is an equal opportunities employer and all applicants will be considered on merit.


17 Job Opportunity with The Churches Trust

The Churches Trust was established over 30 years ago in recognition of the fact that deprivation and disadvantage are key barriers to building a united community, equality of opportunity and good relations.  The Churches Trust work is characterised by two main facets:  on the one hand addressing deprivation and social injustice, working with people at the margins of society; and on the other hand, standing together with a united voice in an area plagued with the legacy of division through the troubles in Northern Ireland, aiming to create a shared and better future for all.   Hence, ‘standing together with those in need’.
The Churches Trust wishes to appoint the following post:
Project Worker
Permanent part-time position: 20 hours per week
Salary £24,108 pro rata (£13,776 for 20 hours per week)
Purpose and function of post:

  • To coordinate and administer Special Projects:  current projects include ‘The Columba Journey: Celebrating Christian Heritage’ and a ‘Building Community Pharmacy Partnership’ project.  Projects will vary year on year.
  • To further the mission of the Churches’ Trust by providing effective and timely administrative support and project co-ordination
Essential criteria include but are not limited to:
  • A minimum of 5 GCSE grade A*- C, including English and Maths.
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working in administration/ office management / project management / other relevant posts.
  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills.

For information and application packs, please contact Veronica Keenan:
Tel: 028 71311322 or e-mail 

Closing date for applications: 3pm on Thursday 16th September 2021


18 New Job Opportunities suitable for young people - Hinduja Global Services

HGS have a requirement for immediate starts for anyone aged 16+ and we feel it could be a great opportunity for younger people as pay is across all age groups at £8.95 an hour. Hours are flexible and range from 20 to 37 1/2 hours and shifts range from 7am to 11pm. All roles are remote and work from home.
Hinduja Global Services (HGS) have been at the centre of the customer service industry for over 40 years. We are delighted to inform you that they have expanded their recruitment to include the North West:

HGS have announced hundreds of opportunities for local people to work from home in a permanent job with a competitive rate of pay and flexible working hours.
The sole method of application is via CV and council can provide free CV writing application support through our website at:


In addition unemployed applicants may also be able to purchase the cost of the equipment required for the role via the Advisor Discretionary Fund at the local Jobs and Benefits office.


19 DfE Energy Strategy - Energy e-bulletin Issue 14

Please find 
attached the fourteenth edition of the Energy Strategy E-Bulletin, which aims to keep stakeholders informed about progress on the new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland.
In this edition:

  • COP26 and action on climate      
  • Energy publications and policy developments

Links to the e-bulletin can be found directly below: 
Energy Strategy e-bulletin 14 | Department for the Economy (economy-ni.gov.uk) Northern Ireland Energy Strategy 2050 | Department for the Economy (economy-ni.gov.uk)


20 Void Gallery - Cevdet Erek - Beating a Retreat

Cevdet Erek - Beating a Retreat

  • 7 September - 30 October 2021
  • Preview 4 September, 6-8pm 

Cevdet Erek is an Istanbul based artist and musician. A background in architecture, sound engineering, and performing in a band forms the basis of his practice. In his working process Erek often responds to architectural context through interventions, using sound to inhabit architectural spaces. The exhibition at Void, Beating a Retreat, was disrupted by COVID-19 and due to travel restrictions, has been developed at a distance through the lens of conversations, processes of experimentation and virtual tools. 

For his exhibition at Void Gallery, Erek has composed a new sound piece titled Back with the bodhrán, an instrument associated with traditional Irish music of the 1960’s. Erek draws parallels between the bodhrán and instruments widely used across Turkey, Northern Africa and the Middle East, as well as the traditions of disparate cultures. Alongside Back, Erek presents a wall piece utilising parchment similar to the drum’s skin.

In Beating a Retreat, Erek also draws on our perception and experience of time in the series Rulers and Rhythm Studies (2007 -ongoing). A new ruler conceived for this exhibition, Ruler 2019 BC19 to 1AC19, bases itself on an imaginary COVID-19 calendar that takes 2020, the year that the pandemic declared by WHO, as its year zero. The exhibition serves as a punctuation and meditates on where we are at present as we slow down and move through this tumultuous period.

Beating a Retreat starts and ends with the sound work Welcome and Goodbye - a piece that builds on Erek's previous large scale installation works such as ÇIN (Turkish Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2017). Welcome and Goodbye utilises signals which interfere differently,  corresponding to whether you are entering or leaving the exhibition. 



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