NWCN Ebulletin 28 October 2020

1 Halifax Foundation Funding Opportunities 2020


It is vital that our limited resources serve the neediest people in the most efficient way. We understand that most charities in Northern Ireland will face significant pressure on their finances at this time, and also that some activities will now be impractical under social distancing restrictions. Some charities have needed to freeze their work, while others have ramped up their activities.

Our Community Grants Programme can support day to day activities of a charity and new/existing projects, however we will also support charities to REACT to this pandemic, PREPARE to reopen services or adapt their services accordingly, and to RESTORE/RENEW in order to deliver what may be for many a new way of life.

Our average grant in our last funding batch was approximately £2,500 as demand for our funding has been extremely high, with charities under extreme pressure. We may not be in a position to offer you all what you need, however we will discuss viability with you. Please continue to understand what other charities and the government is doing in your field, and ensure that what you propose fits in.

Grants are only open to charities operating in Northern Ireland. Please do not apply if you are serving another region of the UK or beyond. 

Income under £1m
In order for organisations to be eligible, they must have an income of less than £1 million as shown in most recent set of accounts. (For registered charities with a Headquarters based outside Northern Ireland, the income of their Northern Ireland operation will be the figure used to assess eligibility).

Crisis Support
We will only consider applications from charities for a period of time in which they are/will be active and providing support to their users/the community. Unfortunately, we cannot support your costs during closure. Please contact your utilities provider(s) for support. 

FOOD - We will consider applications to support core costs or basic food items from established food distribution charities such as Foodbanks only.

Charitable Status
The following groups may apply:

  • Charities registered with the Charity Commission
  • Charities 'deemed' on CCNI's combined list
  • 'Non-deemed' on CCNI's combined list, provided they can supply their HMRC letter confirming charitable status


Apply here for Community Grant
Community  Grant Guidance

Should you have any further queries, or would like to arrange a pre-application call, please email us on grants@halifaxfoundationni.org


2 BCPP Level 2 Application Pack

The Application Form and Guidance Notes have been amended to consider the current circumstances with COVID–19.

Grants of up to £12,000 are available for projects that will last up to one year.  You do not have to complete a Level 1 before applying for a Level 2 project.  

All applications for this round must be on the Application Form which has COVID-19 in the title on the front page. The number of sessions and the number of participants have been reduced and planning/training has been increased.  We encourage participants to hold their Projects using Zoom where possible.

Please contact a member of the BCPP team for support and to address any queries you may have by emailing bcpp@cdhn.org including your telephone number in the message and we will contact you.

PLEASE NOTE: Closing date for this round is 3rd December 2020.



 Charity seeks new ideas to reduce loneliness in NI

A £10,000 grant will help local leaders build their initiatives

The Cares Family charity is seeking applications from Northern Ireland’s community leaders to be part of a national programme that invests in, supports, and connects people reducing loneliness and building connection in their communities.

The new Multiplier programme is awarding £10,000 grants to 10 leaders across the UK this year. It’s the latest initiative in a partnership between The Cares Family, which brings people together to reduce loneliness, and UnLtd, the social enterprise foundation.

Successful applicants will be part of an eight-month programme based in part on the Obama Fellowship, which The Cares Family’s Founder and CEO has been part of for the last two years. The programme will seek to build a national movement of changemakers, each tackling loneliness and disconnection in their own communities in their own ways.

The Multiplier’s launch comes as new figures show the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on Northern Ireland’s economy. Economic activity has fallen to its lowest level on record, amid growing concerns that an unemployment rate of 100,000 is now an "optimistic" forecast for this year (1). But with thousands of Mutual Aid groups, support networks, and relief initiatives appearing nationwide, the power in connecting across communities to reduce social as well as economic isolation is clear.

That’s why The Cares Family is seeking applications for The Multiplier – to help people to grow their local connections so that everyone can feel part of a changing world, rather than left behind by it.

It is inviting applications from community leaders in Northern Ireland that have:

  • A locally run, agile, community-led initiative that is at least six months old;
  • Identified a social issue and developed a model that works to solve it;
  • Already demonstrated impact;
  • The ambition and a plan to expand that impact;
  • A model that has the potential to make systemic or cultural change.

To support this first cohort, Multipliers will receive:

  • A £10,000 grant towards project or living costs, provided by UnLtd;
  • Eight half-day workshops over eight months (starting in January 2021), on community-building, storytelling, adaptive leadership, evaluation in the age of new power, systems change, inclusion, fundraising, and coalition building;
  • The opportunity for further optional training from UnLtd;
  • Monthly mentoring calls with a coach to help them meet their potential;
  • A film made and distributed about the local relationships they have built or sustained, and a profile of their work online;
  • Invitations to national events and speaking opportunities;
  • Access to a community of nine other leaders sharing ideas and learning.

To apply for the programme, potential Multipliers must fill out a short application form on The Cares Family website by Tuesday, November 3nd, at 11 am.

4 Tipping Point Grants from The Isla Foundation

Over the last 7 years, we have proudly partnered with many incredible organisations and have focused on those who have fought to highlight the injustices of gender inequality and violence against women and girls.

For this year’s grants, we will be shifting our focus to prioritise organisations offering creative solutions to homelessness.

Rough sleeping has increased by 141% in the last decade, the result of welfare reforms, housing shortages, rising rents and budget cuts. And this doesn’t include the hidden homeless.

The pandemic has by far been the most unsettling experience in homelessness, but it has been a circuit breaker. It has given us all the opportunity to think about doing things differently. We have witnessed the agility of organisations, responding rapidly and fearlessly. We have witnessed organisational boundaries being pushed and broken, and the coming together of services. For the first time, we have seen health, housing, mental health,drug & alcohol, social care and local authorities working together. We must not return to old habits and ways of working. We believe that continuing this multi-agency, multi-sector approach, is key to ending homelessness. For good.

Deadline: 12th November
Further details and how to apply can be found 


5 Order free plaques, stickers, bunting & more from The National Lottery Community Fund

We have a number of different branded items that you can order for free. They are a great way of showing that your project has received National Lottery funding, you can use them at events, project openings, and in areas seen by your visitors.

This page shows all items available to order.
Your order will take up to 6 working days


6 Webinar: Co-designing a social prescribing model with your locality?

Co-designing a social prescribing model with your locality? Join us on Tuesday, 17 November, 3PM – 4PM BST as we host our webinar.

Join Elemental’s Head of Partnerships, Paul Gaskell, and guest host Mohan Sekeran, GP Principal, Wideway Medical Practice, Social Prescribing & Locality Lead from Merton CCG, as we hear about the importance of getting the foundation right for your social prescribing programme and why it’s so beneficial to have GPs and AHPs as champions for social prescribing in your neighbourhood.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of social prescribing for GPs
  • How to get buy-in from GPs and increase uptake and engagement
  • Getting the foundation right to establish and to scale social prescribing across your locality
  • Increasing access to social prescribing by opening up referral routes into social prescribing programmes that connect people into community-based support such as debt advice, employability support, exercise, befriending, social welfare legal advice and food distribution
  • What difference can you expect to see as a result?
Register now


 7 Black History Month @ NWMF

During October, the UK Celebrates Black History Month. The aims of Black History Month are to celebrate the achievements and contributions of black people not just in the UK but around the world. To celebrate Black History Month, the North West Migrants Forum launched a series of interactive webinars to honour the struggles faced by black people and to place the spotlight on the best of black history and culture.

On the 29th of October we are hosting a Virtual Dialogue and Debate on Black Lives Matter, Race and Justice in Northern Ireland:  the 2 hours event will start at 6pm.

The event will be divided into two sections, the first hour, there will be a ‘question time’ format where members of the public will ask questions to the panel on issues around BLM, race, and justice. In the second hour, young black people living in the north west of Northern Ireland will host a debate among the panel and other participants on the following themes. 

  • Black Lives Matter Movement- What does it mean in Northern Ireland/ UK context?
  • White privilege VS Ally-ship
  • Racism and racial bias

To register please follow the link below; http://bit.ly/DialogueandDebate

Panel members include;
The Rt hon Stuart Lawrence
Stuart Lawrence is a Board Member of Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, motivational speaker, consultant, youth engagement specialist and former secondary school teacher. He is the younger brother of late Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager who was murdered in a racially motivated attack while waiting for a bus in Well Hall, Eltham on the evening of 22 April 1993.
Twenty years ago, an inquiry into Stephen Lawrence's death called for an overhaul of police procedures and attitudes towards race. The findings in the 350-page report, particularly the charge of "institutional racism", have had a profound effect on the culture, operations and practices of the Metropolitan Police Service, other forces across England and Wales and the wider criminal justice system. The anniversary of Stephen's death is now celebrated as Stephen Lawrence Day. It encourages young people to work to improve themselves and help others, plus work towards driving social change.

Eamon McCann
Eamon McCann is a Derry born politician, journalist, and political Activist. He has been campaigning for social justice in Derry for more than 40years.He is well known for his role in the civil rights movement. He is a lifelong Socialist and trades unionist; he is a member of the national executive of the NUJ and the Northern Ireland Committee of the ICTU. Eamon is a member of Amnesty International and the rail lobby, into the west.

Courtney Preville
Courtney Preville is a Music writer, poet and student currently living in Newtown Stewart, Northern Ireland, but Born and Raised in London, England 
Growing up with both parents well educated and working to improve local council, Courtney’s appetite for political knowledge was always fed. As his love for his own Caribbean culture and music grew along with his political curiosity, he developed deeper into both using his spoken word and music to get his political word across.

Speaking on many debates for Black London Youth, Black students as well as writing poems published in local and national publications, Courtney’s voice is constantly vocalizing messages of positivity and aid for Black people in Britain and now Ireland

Sinead  Marmion
Sinead is a solicitor with expertise in dealing with asylum and immigration cases. She has an LLM in Human Rights Law at Queen’s University Belfast and is fluent in French. She has built up an expertise in immigration and asylum work, with particular specialism in children’s claims. She works closely with Barnardo’s Independent Guardian Service in dealing with cases for unaccompanied minors. She also works with victims of trafficking and modern slavery in NI.
Sinead is also retained by South Tyrone Empowerment Program (STEP), which is Northern Ireland’s largest migrant organisation run by veteran civil rights activist, Bernadette Mc Aliskey to advise on complex cases involving Europeans and their family members applying to the European Settlement Scheme. As a member of Phoenix Law, Sinead and her partner's are providing legal support to Black Lives Matter protesters in NI.

Chantelle Lunt
Chantelle Lunt is a writer, entrepreneur and activist.  She has a professional background in Public Service, including her service as a Police Officer, where she experienced both overt and covert racism within the force. Chantelle is founder of Merseyside BLM Alliance. She set up the group at a time when BLM was moving out of the news cycle.  Merseyside BLM Alliance is one of the most proactive anti-racist groups in Merseyside and is distinctive in it’s proactive approach with arming allies with knowledge to promote racial equality.

This event  draws on several of our recent and forthcoming dialogue and debate aimed at encouraging  the participation of people of minority ethnic backgrounds  in political/cultural discussions  and stimulates reflection on issues that are often excluded from our local political/cultural discourse, including our cross-sector and inter generational work on Race, Equality and Power.


8 ACSONI presentations on Black History Month

1. Esther Stanford Xosei - Oct 27th, 2PM
TOPIC: Reparations and The African Holocaust ( Maangamizi)

2. Ambassador Guy Hewitt - Oct 28th, 2PM
TOPIC: Windrush Scandal

3. AKALA - Oct 29th, 1:30PM
TOPIC: Police, Protests, Progress

For more information please see:


9  Ascert Parent/Carer Support Sessions - Online

This group is aimed at any Parent/Carer of teenagers who would like some support around the following:

Week 1 - Adolescent Brain
Week 2 - Family Bonds
Week 3 - Setting Limits
Week 4 - Communication
Week 5 - Drugs & Alchol
Week 6 - Health & Wellbeing

Sessions will run on Tuesday evenings on Zoom from 3rd November-8th December 2020 from 7pm - 8.30pm

For more information and access, join the closed Facebook Group, here: 


10  Fertility Week

Next week is Fertility Week-2nd to 5th November and we have several online events planned within the charity.
Each day will have a theme to raise awareness about fertility matters to try and help support those trying to conceive.

  • Monday 2nd November #FertilityInequalities
  • Tuesday 3rd November #MentalHealthMatters
  • Wednesday 4th November #MenMatter
  • Thursday 5th November #FertilityEducation #FertilityInTheWorkplace 

For Fertility Week Events, please keep an eye on our webinar page
In the meantime, please see the link below, explaining each of the highlighted topics.

Next Tuesday, 3rd November at 7.30pm, we have our next online Zoom meeting. As Kathy from ‘Fit and Fun’ was unable to attend the last meeting, she will be speaking on Tuesday night. If you know if anyone who would be interested in joining, please email Hilary 
hilary@fertilitynetworkuk.org and she will forward you the link.


11 Groundbreaking new model of care in Domiciliary Care

Advanced Community Care has been providing traditional domiciliary care for over 12 years to service users in the Belfast. 

For the last year in Derry, we have been trialling an innovative model of care which has been producing great results. The link below outlines this ‘New Approach’. This service is offered mainly through Direct Payments or managed budgets. 

We want to expand our workforce of 150 to 250 in the next 6 months.

The concept of this ‘New Approach’ is that calls are not part of a ‘run’ of 7-8 condensed calls which are time-bounded and task oriented. Each call is a stand-alone call, with the staff member only calling with 1 or 2 service users per day. The care worker will still complete all the personal care, meal provision and give medication as required but not ‘against the clock’.

So far, we have taken service users to hairdressers, GP appointments, hospital appointments, football matches, the cinema, shopping, coffee shops, the Bowling Alley, the library, and many other social events. We have also helped service users with arts & crafts, baking, doing crosswords and other household-based tasks.

We believe that this person-centred model of care has greatly improved the quality of life of many service users thus far and will continue to do so.

 Please ring 02871 253140 or email 


12 Jobs for Me - Preparing the future workforce

School Employer Connections work with post-primary schools providing work experience and engaging students with industry through arranging company visits and school talks.
As we are not able to engage students with industry in the usual way due to Covid 19, we are building a virtual careers library for students and are keen to get as much information on different jobs as possible.  We are sending employers the below questionnaire (does not take long to complete) to find out about different jobs within organisations.
We are also interested in receiving any promotional materials that companies may use e.g. promotional films, advice on apprenticeships that could be useful to students and provide some promotion for companies.
We will upload all information received on to our website.
The questionnaire can be located at the following link:

We would be delighted to receive information on as many job roles as possible (so please feel free to share), and also provide students with the most up to date information about the company as possible.  
Please feel free to give Vivienne a call to discuss on 028 7186 7702.


13 Latest Offers from Salto Youth

Please see attached document for the latest from Salto Youth to include:

  • RAN Youth & Education meeting on 'Youth Isolation - how to get them out of it?'
  • Youth-led Street Sport for All
  • BiTriMulti (BTM) - Online Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges
  • Key to Inclusion
14 Job Opportunity with Galliagh Women's Group

Closing date 12 noon on 6th November 2020 

For an application form email to enquiries@galliaghwomensgroup.co.uk

Exciting news we have an opening for a Co-ordinator please see details below:
JOB TITLE:                         Co-ordinator
RESPONSIBLE TO:             Management Committee, Galliagh Women’s Group
LINE MANAGER:                Chairperson, Galliagh Women’s Group
LOCATION:                         63 Galliagh Park, Galliagh, Derry, BT48 8DE
HOURS OF DUTY:               30 hours per week
SALARY:                              £29,909
                                            JMC Scale 33
Duration of post:                 This post is a Temporary post funded until March 31st 2021
Main purpose of Job
To co-ordinate relevant projects for women living within Galliagh (Shantallow West), and work with staff, tutors and professionals in promoting good practice.
Principal Duties
  • To coordinate and manage relevant projects in Galliagh Women’s Group Centre.
  • To organise education, history and holistic programmes.
  • To support, implement and evaluate strategies and programmes that encourage participation by local women.
  • To deliver the TEO project in all its aspects covering planning, development, delivery and finances.
  • To advertise, promote and market the TEO project and the work that is being promoted.
  • To develop relationships with local community and to work with groups on a cross community and cross border basis
  • To promote good community relations
  • To monitor individual learning progress
  • To undertake all evaluation and monitoring for the Project
  • To create and maintain good working relationships with management, colleagues, clients and residents in the area.
  • To organise meetings, seminars, feedback sessions and celebratory events as deemed necessary by the Management Committee and all those directly and indirectly involved with Galliagh Women’s Group.
  • To attend Board Meetings of Galliagh Women’s Group as required and give update reports on the TEO project.
  • To liaise with private, statutory and voluntary organisations on behalf of the project and Galliagh Women’s Group. 
  • To maintain appropriate records which will allow Galliagh Women’s Group to monitor and evaluate its ongoing work. 
  • To provide reports to funding bodies. 
  • To ensure sound management of financial aspects of the project in conjunction with Management Committee and Accountant. 
  • To prepare annual report, minutes of meetings, advertisements etc
  • To carry out any other reasonable duties as required by the Management Committee of Galliagh Women’s Group
15 HSENI Board Member Competition

The Department for the Economy, which is responsible for the appointment of members to the Board of the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI), is intending to seek the Minister’s approval to appoint new Board members from 1st May 2021. 

Members of the Board have corporate responsibility for ensuring that HSENI fulfils the aims and objectives set by the Department and approved by the Minister, and for promoting the efficient, economic and effective use of staff and other resources by HSENI.  The Board oversees performance and strategic direction and is also responsible for ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance, efficiency and propriety in the use of public funds. HSENI is a Crown Body, staffed by civil servants, and the Board is responsible for appointing its Chief Executive.

For criteria and further details please see 
16 Labour Relations Agency Chair and Members Competitions

Public Appointment Vacancy – Appointment of a Chair and 4 Members (2 with an employee representative background, 1 with an employer representative background and one from an independent background) to the Board of the Labour Relations Agency – Closing date Noon Thursday 19th November 2020 (late applications will not be accepted).

The appointments will begin in 1 April 2021 for a three year term.  The Chair and Board Members remuneration is currently £25,234 and £5,424 per annum respectively.  The Chair will be expected to be available two days per week and Board Members for at least one day per month. Meetings will mainly be held in the Greater Belfast area.
It is important that people from a wide range of backgrounds take up public appointments so that the Boards of public bodies reflect the rich diversity of our society and better understand the needs of the communities they serve.
People with a disability, ethnic minority communities and young people are currently under-represented on the Board and applications from members of these groups would be particularly welcome.
An application pack with full details and guidance may be obtained from 29th October 2020 from


Further details can be found here 

17 Enrolment Open! CAWT Innovation Recovery Nov 2020 online Course Timetable

Please see flyer for our November online course timetable. 
This includes:
  • Top Tips for Motivation
  • Managing Setbacks
  • Cooking for One
  • Introduction to Trauma & Healing
  • Finding Hope After Bereavement
  • Practising Self-care
*If you are interested in attending any courses and wish to apply via e-mail , please return the enrolment from and return to the email address below.
NI: recoverycollegewest@westerntrust.hscni.net
ROI: Innovation.RecoverySouth@hse.ie
18 Get creative with the family and learn this half-term
Are there any budding young artists in your house? Do you like drawing? How good are you at crossword puzzles?
The Consumer Council has designed a series of games, quizzes and activities for all the family to get involved with this half-term. You’ll learn about scams, consumer rights and budgeting alongside our mascot, Peanut the Squirrel.
These activities will keep you and the family busy and entertained this half-term. They have been designed to have a learning element too, so you may learn something new yourself!
In addition, you may even win a prize! The Consumer Council is asking you to tag it in photos of you and your family playing these activities on Twitter at 
@ConsumerCouncil or on Facebook to be in with a chance to win a £25 Love2Shop voucher.
The Halloween-themed activities are available at: 
But it doesn’t stop there, The Consumer Council also has a range of other education activities focusing on consumer rights, avoiding scams and budgeting on its dedicated Activities webpage: 
19 Derry Halloween - The Awakening

Join us in Spirit – 28th October – 1st November 2020

Derry-Londonderry's Halloween celebrations go online for the first time this year. But that won't stop them from putting on a ghouly good show. As the number 1 Halloween destination in the world, the city is keen to keep the tradition alive in anticipation of being bigger and better in 2021.

This year’s theme is The Awakening – it's Halloween, but not as you know it! Join in, in spirit this year from the comfort of your own home.

Some of this year’s highlights include:
The Awakening

Five other-worldly characters reveal the true meaning of Samhain, Derry-style in a series of videos shot across the city in iconic locations. We meet an Irish witch, a shapeshifting goddess, a Knight, a Banshee and even a skeleton. Join them online as they share stories merging old and new traditions and getting us ready for the big night.

Samhain Sessions
Enjoy these pre-recorded live music sessions from the comfort of your own living room. Recorded in local cultural landmarks, these sessions cover a range of musical genres, from artists including Roísín O and John Broe, Reevah and Conor Morris. And if you missed a gig, these are all available on the website to catch up later.

Virtual storytelling 
spooky tales from the other side The ghost-hunting storytellers at Magee College regale us with ghostly tales – although these will be brought to you through your screen, the Victorian Gothic setting takes us on a spooky trip through the shadows and is sure to scare! Visit the website for details of more virtual story-telling. With online tutorials showing you how to make spooky costumes and how to perfect your ultimate Halloween face painting, the online festival is helping to prepare you for Halloween with a difference –it may be different but the fun (and scares) are still there. So dress up in your best ghoulish outfit, paint your face and put your impressive lantern installations in your windows – it’s still Halloween, just not as we know it.

 For more information on the full calendar of events visit 


20 Join Fitness Freddy before our virtual Glow Walk!

Get your neon gear and glow sticks at the ready and join Autism NI by lighting up the night in a virtual 5K Glow Walk on Saturday 7th November 2020. We will also be inviting your to join us at 5.30pm for a virtual dance warm-up with the fantastic Fitness Freddy!

Take part in your area and let's all come together to glow bright for our autism families in Northern Ireland.

Our fundraising income has been devastatingly impacted by the covid-19 pandemic and we need your support more than ever. We are asking families to raise a minimum sponsorship of £50 each to help fund our vital autism services that families can access across Northern Ireland.

To register and receive your FREE glow pack, please contact 
events@autismni.org or call 028 9040 1729.


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