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NWCN Consultation Bulletin - February 2019


Consultation Title


Closing Date

Contact Name/Dept

& Tel No

Email / Website / Further Info

Scoping a new forestry plan for forests and woodland in the North West


Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs


01/03/19 @ 23:59

Forest Service

Forestry Planning


Historical Institutional Abuse


The Executive Office

10/03/19 @ 23:59

Historical Institutional Abuse Implementation Team

HSC Pension Scheme – Employer and Employee Contribution Rates

Department of Health

14/03/19 @ 17:00

DoH Pensions Policy Team


Defined Contribution Pensions: Investment and Consolidation

Department for Communities

01/04/19 @ 12:00


Review of Higher Education Tuition Fees at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE)

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs



@ 23:59

Policy, Economics and Statistics Division

Equality Scheme, Audit of Inequalities and Disability Action Plan

Department for the Economy

16/04/19 @ 23:59

Equality Unit

Consultation on child sexual exploitation law


Department of Justice

16/04/19 @ 17:00

Criminal Policy Branch

 02890 169602

Management of Minors’ and Patients’ Funds

Department of Justice

08/05/19 @ 10:30


Reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

13/05/19 @ 23:59


The Introduction of a Deposit Return System in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs


13/05/19 @ 23:59


Timetable & Work Programme for the Preparation of the NI Flood Risk Management Plan 21–27

Department for Infrastructure



Water and Drainage Policy Division



There are many more Consultations open within the Department of Health, you can access them here:


If you are an individual or organisation who responds to or creates consultations please see link below for a copy of the Equality Coalitions’ Effective Consultation Guidance including case studies and how to complain HERE.  Some great points made in this article definitely worth a read.