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NWCN Consultation Bulletin - April 2018


Consultation Title


Closing Date

Contact Name/Dept

& Tel No

Email / Website / Further Info

Working with Communities: Implementing Geological Disposal


Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

(On behalf of the UK Government)


020 7215 5000



Future Provision for Children in the Early Years with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Education Authority




028 7186 4781

Remote Control Parking


Department of Infrastructure

02/05/18 @ 17:00


Workplace Exposure Limits

The Health and Safety Executive for NI

11/05/18 @ 12 noon

Robert Greer

028 9054 6817

Use of a Mobile Phone while Driving - Review of Existing Offence and Associated Penalties


Department of Infrastructure


15/05/18 @ 17:00

Safe and Sustainable Travel Division 



028 9054 0822

NIFRS draft CCTV Policy


NI Fire & Rescue Service


Hazel Kelly

Stakeholder letter is attached here.

Draft NIFRS CCTV Policy is attached here.

Initial Screening Report is attached here.

Short consultation questionnaire is attached here.

Revised Service Framework for Mental Health and Wellbeing 2018-2021


Department of Health

31/05/18 @ 17:00

Roisin Perkins 

QRPL Branch


If you would like to discuss this consultation before submitting your response, we would be happy to meet with you.  Please e-mail and we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

Amendments to the Fire and Rescue Services (NI) Order 2006


Department of Health

03/06/18 @ 23:59


Public Safety Unit

 028 9052 2248

DoF draft Section 75 Action Plan and Disability Action Plan


Department of Finance

15/06/18 @ 23:59

Strategic Equality Branch


028 9052 0836


Draft Equality and Disability Action Plans (2018-2022) 

Education Authority


0289056 4163

There are many more Consultations open within the Department of Health, you can access them here:


If you are an individual or organisation who responds to or creates consultations please see link below for a copy of the Equality Coalitions’ Effective Consultation Guidance including case studies and how to complain HERE.  Some great points made in this article definitely worth a read.